Releasing the Spell of Hope

Remember the Obama election campaign? There was something metaphysically astounding about the way that he evoked hope in the body of the American people. He said, “Yes, we can.” and millions of people believed him. Remember how ecstatic people were when it actually happened? Remember how dashed people felt a few years later?


A lot of opinions can be had about what he did or didn’t do, but the truth lies that on the metaphysical level, Obama’s promise of hope had a condition. He said that he couldn’t do it without us. Yet many of us went back to sleep, hoping that the hardcore politicos would bear the burden. So things didn’t work out the way we hoped. I mean, a lot of good came, but it wasn’t all what we had hoped.

This morning I shredded the newspapers I’d saved of his election and inauguration days. Such bold text, headlines that took up a quarter of the page. I put the paper in a bed, lay some wood on top and lit it on fire.

Fly free, hope. No longer be bound to this spell. No longer be dashed. Return to sender, to make strong those that have not gone to sleep and those who have reawakened. Fly free back to those who are still dreaming in their sleep, that they may find what was lost once again.

There is always enough hope when we let go of the past.



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